2 Common Interview Mistakes

When it comes to job interviews, there’s plenty of things that can really go wrong. That doubles maybe even triples for college students and recent grads with entry-level jobs. We are breaking it down into two common mistakes that are made amongst young people. 

1. Following Up (Neglecting)

Bored At Work? Here's How You Can Shake It Up!

Feeling a little bored at work? Here are 4 ways to shake it up! 

  1. Redecorate Your WorkSpace 

Tiny cubicle? Not a problem, add some energy to your space with a mini office make over. Clean out the clutter, tidy it up and add pictures with quotes you find inspiring or travel destinations, and goals! 

Follow Up Email (After The interview)

(1.) Dear (insert name, First/Last),

I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the time you spent with me this afternoon. (2.) Interviews can be stressful, So I am very grateful for how comfortable you made me throughout the process. Your willingness to provide me with additional information on the (insert position) convinces me that this is a job I would enjoy, as well as one where (3.) I can be successful and make a valuable contribution to (insert company here).

Tips for Getting Hired in a Tough Economy

In a tough economy, taking extra steps in your job search could be critical to landing the job you want. Here are some tips that are often overlooked by the average job-seeker. And in today's market, being perceived as average isn't enough.

5 Signs You've Aced Your Interview

5 Signs You've Aced Your Interview

Using Social Media In Your Job Search

Social Media is everywhere you turn in todays world - and we use it for everything, including job search. You may wonder, how? and what other ways can you use then just finding job postings? 

Here we share 5 ways you can use Social Media to supercharge your job search! 

Demonstrate your expertise

What does this mean? We’ll, your posts, status updates and tweets will all be the perfect platform for your to curate knowledge on a specific subject, therefore demonstrate your expertise. 

Dress For Success…And Land Your Dream Job!

5 New Years Resolutions For The Job Seeker

Heading into the New Year it’s time to set those resolutions in place when it comes to being a job seeker. Here are our 5 Resolutions for 2016!

1. Know Your Goals!

Before setting our on a job search, ask yourself what are my goals and what do I really want out of a career? Spending that time focusing on exactly what you want to get out of your job search, avoids taking the wrong job and getting stuck on a career path thats not fulfilling.


Mistakes To Avoid In Interviews

Job interviews are intimidating, and you might feel like you are about to say the wrong thing every moment. Remember to BE YOURSELF, they will hire you based on you and if they see you as the right fit.

Let’s be honest, interviews are intimidating. You are going into what could be the interview for your dream job and you want to get it all right. Here are 5 mistakes you will want to avoid when heading into your next interview.

1. Not being prepared to talk about yourself