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Most companies hire new employees when they find out their current employee will be vacating their position in two weeks. At this point you may find yourself wondering do we pack on the extra work load to a current employee till we find the right fit? Or do we hire based on urgency rather then skill set.

You may wonder why constantly looking for the right employee is key to your success, it's because by the time you find your ideal candidate you will most likely have a position ready for them. For this to work you need to expand your recruiting efforts as follows:

Hiring For Your Brand Values

Your brand values are the principles tailor made to fit your brand image, providing a cohesive vision and defining who you are as a business to not only your employees but your customers as well. A brand’s values can also be described as a company’s “true north” – there are the principles that help you to navigate your business during unclear and uncertain periods. More often, they are embodied in your company culture.

Now it’s time to find an employee, that mirrors these values. 

1. Start In House (With Your Current Employees)

4 Tips On Attracting The Best Talent

You are ready to hire. You have a vision of the ideal candidate and how they will fit into that role and future within the company. Here are four simple steps for firms to follow that will help with their attraction of new talent into their business! 

Use a recruiter! 

You've Hired The Perfect Employee, Now What?!

You’ve done it, you have hired what you deem to be the perfect fit for your company. How exciting. So, now it’s time to prepare for their smooth transition into the office, and career with in the company with our new employee checklist! 

Pre-offer Acceptance: 

Keeping Your Employees Happy And Motivated During The Holidays

The mont of December, perhaps more than any other time of the year, is the ultimate tight rope for bosses. You balance between being too loose and being too strict. When you are too loose, your employees may not stay on track and that could hurt business.. How ever, if you are too strict, you come off at the grinch, and possibly damage the office morale, now and after the season has ended. 

Hiring Tips For Small Businesses

We know as a small business it can be extremely hard to hire staff, especially because you are short on time, staff and possibly budget. These 5 tips help streamline the process for bringing on a new team member. 

1. Head to the right pond to fish 

Ask yourself, where would be candidate for your company hang out virtually or physically. A great place to start is meetups, and conferences. As boring as that might sound its a great way to meet talent in your industry.

Be Clear About The Role You Hire For

Whether you are posting on Craigslist, Monster or Career builder, people will be searching for jobs by industry keywords and hiring managers should keep that in mind. You want something that is descriptive and broad, clear and very concise. 

For example if you are looking for a “Search Marketing Specialist”  know that you will capture people looking for Search and Marketing. 

3 Revealing Interview Questions

Looking at someone’s background and education can always help you narrow down the right group of candidates. Here’s the thing, what helps you make the final decision may not be found on a resume. Cultural interviews are being conducted in small to large companies these days to build cohesive teams that match the feel of the office - not just a job description. 

5 Signs Of An Unhappy Employee

Companies with engaged employees out preform companies with disengaged workers — sources have said they win by over 22%, some say its something more like 200%. So it makes sense to invest more time, effort and research into building great work culture that will continue to keep your employees incredibly happy. Even after doing all this you might still wonder, are they happy? Here are 5 signs to watch for in an unhappy employee.

1. They do the bare minimum

Looking to hire someone new for your team? Make sure you pick the right title for a job posting!

If it's time to expand your team, or maybe to replace someone, you will probably endure the process of creating a posting for potential applicants to find out about the position you're hiring for. It's very important that the job title you use in the posting is accurate for 3 very important reasons.