Three key elements of a successful job search mindset

You don’t have to be on the job market to feel beat down - all you need to do is listen to the job search horror stories being passed around. This negativity, admittley born out of real life work challenges, can lead you to believe that you are doomed to a lengthy and unproductive job search.

But this doesn’t have to be your situation at all. There are opportunities out there - and these three tips help prepare your mental energy on the right ways to find them!

# 1: Recognize your value

 Recognize what you bring to the table and your abilities. Appreciating the big picture will help you see how you might fit into various job types, including maybe some you didn’t even expect!

 Here are two keys to identify your talents and where your possible future might take you

  • Ask others what they see your strengths as. Don’t limit yourself to just work  friends, branch out - ask everyone you spend time with. Broadening who you ask allows you to see things that you hadn’t considered.

  • Try “rapid ideation” coming up with ideas and quickly writing them down - thinking fast and not being afraid to go outside the lines. Even silly ideas are welcome, write with no filters.

 When it comes to this, be as open and creative as you can be. Explore interests and capabilities!


# 2. Put in time

 When asked about job searches, most people say they just want out of their rut, and to move into a different job. However when you inquire about the actual time put into it, the level of commitment it takes is dramatically underestimated. Remember, sending out a couple applications and applying to three jobs on Linkedin isn’t necessarily a job search that will lead to the ultimate success.

IF you are sincere about making this change, and career transition you need to put in some serious time. Remember, you are investing in your future! So make the time.


#3 Manage fears you have

 Every person has a fear at some point about the change that comes with a new job. We know, it can be scary. This fear manifests itself before you have even landed the job, leading to a shaky interview performance. You can never eliminate the fear behind change, however these approaches will help minimize the negative effects.  

  • Talk to others who have been in your situation! You will feel better after you speak with someone on the other side. Make sure to share all your concerns, i.e. job relocation, etc.

  • Self analysis is key - write down your fears and take a hard look at them. Then get researching, determine whether there are facts to support them.

  • Determine whether you are ready to accept some uncertainty in your future! There are aspects of your life and career that you control, and nothing about a new job can change that. For example; no matter what the environment is you will still be able to control the amount of effort you put into your job and the people you associate with.

There are two ways to go about a job search. You could sit at your computer and mechanically start sending out emails and applications, hoping that something you’ve thrown out there sticks.

Or, you can combine creative thinking with a bit of structured time and effort! Which may lead you to walk away with a very interesting next step in your career.

Photo Credit:Jobless James