Searching For A Career Change In 2018?

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2017 was a good year for jobs in Alberta, as we started to recover from the recession the countries unemployment rate fell to the lowest in Canada in 40 years, producing jobs at the fastest rate since 2002.

According to the Statistics Canada monthly labour report released on Friday, Alberta's provincial economy is surging, with 26,000 new jobs added last month, a high percentage of them long-term, high-quality, permanent jobs to boot.

That's roughly a third of the entire total of new jobs created in all of Canada in December -- "blockbuster" results nationwide, according to The Globe and Mail, which the paper said economics commentators were calling "spectacular," "impressive," and "unbelievable."

A few jobs really stood out on Indeed Canada, the website released the top 5 jobs to watch in 2018. So, if you’re heading into the job market or looking for a career change Indeed recommends, the following.


1.Technical recruiters


Technical recruiters, scout for talent in tech jobs, and earn about $47,991 per year.

Indeed reported that with the tech industry booming, these recruiters are increasingly important. These professionals merge skills related to human resources with industry-specific knowledge.

Job postings for technical recruiters jumped 25 per cent in 2017.

2. Manufacturing technician

The manufacturing industry has been growing in Canada, and that growth was reflected by a 45-per-cent increase in job postings for this job. Manufacturing technicians, who are responsible for installing and maintaining products and systems, earn about $18.74 per hour.

With the North American Free Trade Agreement undergoing negotiations, the scope of this industry could change, Culbertson notes. However, he says manufacturing will likely continue producing jobs regardless.

3.Family medicine physician


With Canada’s aging population, it’s not too surprising that the demand for family doctors continues to rise. Indeed found that family physicians are one of the most sought after healthcare professionals, and the field saw a growth of 138 per cent in postings last year.

This job isn’t just in demand, it’s also high-paying and nets about $248,580 per year.

4.Machine learning engineer


This job listing is for programmers who develop machines and systems that can operate artificial intelligence (AI). These jobs are typically well-paying, Culbertson explains, and come with a salary of about $102,555 per year.

According to Indeed, job postings for machine learning engineer saw 150-per-cent growth in 2017. 

5. Fulfillment Associate

According to Indeed, job postings for “fulfillment associate” jumped 607 per cent in 2017 from the previous year.

Culbertson explains that these jobs come with pay around $14 per hour.

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