4 Tips On Attracting The Best Talent

You are ready to hire. You have a vision of the ideal candidate and how they will fit into that role and future within the company. Here are four simple steps for firms to follow that will help with their attraction of new talent into their business! 

Use a recruiter! 

That’s where we come in! 75% of professionals are passive candidates, and finding them can prove a tricky and time consuming process. 

Everyone company works differently ,  let’s evaluate your strategy and process, and from there we can decide what will work best for your company! 

Keep in mind, recruiters put a lot of work into techniques that help you find the most talented candidates around. Working with a recruiter, always opens the pool of candidates up vastly. 

Market your brand 

Who is your ideal candidate? What do they look like on paper, and how do they fit with in the company? Did you know, Employers with a strong employer brand drive twi the amount of applicants per job compared to other companies? This should be a top priority for your business! 

For example, Financial advice firms should try and cultivate an attractive employer brand! Using Social Media to do so. It can be such a valuable tool for reaching out to potential candidates, as well as developing a reputation as a “thought” leader. 

Use Linkedin, and Twitter (As well as Instagram) and your website to show off your company culture and values. Post relevant and interesting industry news. The more engaging content the better; think videos, employee “highlights”. Make someone want to work for you! 

It’s all about the journey! 

When people join a company, they want to know where it’s going and what part they will play in that journey. Candidates who feel like they will be playing a significant role in contributing to the future of a company will be much more like to apply to that company. 

If they don’t feel invested, then what incentives do they have to stay? 

It’s about employer branding. Tell your candidates and staff about the journey the company has been on, where it’s heading, and how they will be apart of the companies journey. 

Slow and Steady doesn’t win the race, in this case! 

A HUGE problem within the recruitment process, is a slow recruitment process., many large firms face this. We are no longer in the day and age where everything takes a week or two, to show up in the newspaper. Thanks to technology, we have the advantage to post jobs online and get responses within minutes in some cases. Being fast is key when it comes to hiring talented workers, other wise they will be poached by another company! 

So how do you gain the edge in your industry? Update your hiring process so you can move quickly and smoothly through the process.