The Do's And Don'ts Of Salary Negotiation!

This is a normal step in a job offer process. It’s so normal, that when you don’t negotiate there is a high chance you are leaving money on the table.. and no one wants to do that. However, you do not want to negotiate poorly, there is a fine line between positive and negative negotiating skills. 

The main one, the biggest one! Not negotiating. 

We know, talking money makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but not negotiating could be detrimental to your salary. 

Your starting salary is the financial foundation for your time at this new company and this new career. It is difficult to increase your salary once you begin that position, the next increase in your salary will be a compensation growth, which is dependant on incremental raises. A lot of factors go into incremental raises, and its usually the entire departments performance. 

So, NEGOTIATE!! They expect you to, unless the role has a standard flat rate salary. 

Playing Games 

The more honest and straightforward you can be with your recruiter, the better equipped they are to act as your advocate! They want to get you as much money as possible, because it not only makes your life easier but it makes theirs also! If you are happy that role stays filled, and then their clients are happy! 

So be direct, and make good use of everyone’s time! 

Do your homework

Do not come unprepared, and say I don’t know. 

Before you consider a job, know your ask. Crunch those numbers. Your ask should be driven by data such as the cost of living, your financial goals, your worth in the job market, and scope of responsibilities! 

This not only helps determine where to aim, it also sets appropriate expectations with your potential new employer! 

Being overly salary focused 

Though having a definitive ask if essential, don’t forget to take the full picture into consideration! An offer may look enticing, with a bright and shiny bottom line number thats yelling your name, but it may mean other things.. such as, being tied to your desk 100% of the time! 

Here are some things to take into account:

  • Medical/vision/dental benefits: Are they included? Are they comprehensive?
  • Vacation/paid time off: The salary may be lower than your hopes and dreams, but does it also double your vacation time?
  • Transportation and/or parking benefits: Factor in your travel time! Does this new job cut your commute in half? That’s meaningful.
  • Work/life balance: Again, they may have offered a salary that doesn’t make you swoon, but the new job may mean a drastically better work/life balance. What’s that worth to you?

Changing your ask 

Don’t come in and ask for a certain number, and then go back and change your mind. Don’t be one of those people who isn’t satisfied even when you get what you want. 

IF something comes up and it changes the duties in your role, then by all means change your ask. However, do not change it just to see how far you can stretch boundaries. it can set the wrong ton to now go back and ask more. 

Accepting an offer is an exciting time, so follow these steps to see success in the future!