2 Common Interview Mistakes

When it comes to job interviews, there’s plenty of things that can really go wrong. That doubles maybe even triples for college students and recent grads with entry-level jobs. We are breaking it down into two common mistakes that are made amongst young people. 

1. Following Up (Neglecting)

"I was with a Google HR person recently and she was telling me that one of the most common [mistakes] that college students make is actually that if you don't follow up," the 26-year-old CEO told Business Insider in a Facebook Live interview.

Come on too strong. You want to be enthusiastic, you want to show that you are driven and motivated to gain employment with this company. 

When should you follow up? ASAP. That’s right, follow up as soon as possible. This tip most people do not talk about often. It’s very common to leave it for a week or two weeks, but do not wait that long. Most interviewers have score cards, they rate each applicant, and share the feedback they have on whether or not you really want the position, or if you are a excellent fit for the overall office morale. When the interview is done, you should follow up as soon as possible. I would say if you are worried about looking desperate wait till the next day. 

That day, make sure you send your interviewer a thank you email. What should you psay? 

Thank the interviewer for taking the time to speak with you.

Consider listing a few thing that you learned, or highlight a topic you discussed. 

Throw in a book recommendation

Be short, sweet and grateful

Thank them in a personal way, do not copy and paste what you send to each person.

2. Questions (You failed to ask these)

It’s common you will either do a ton of research, or non at all. Maybe your nerves got you and you just can’t think up a question. Either way, companies will reject you if you don’t ask questions. Prep some questions in advance you think you might want to ask and have those as a back of if it’s not coming naturally. 

Sure, maybe you did all the research in the world,, but you never have that insider perspective like you in a interview! So, take advantage of this time and find out all you need to know , even if you read it on the internet earlier. 

Do not ask these questions at the end: 

“When do I start?”

“What’s the salary?”

Go for questions like:

“What makes a rock star a rock star at your company?”

“How do you spend your day to day?”

Bring a list of your potential questions to every interview! 

What questions do you like to ask? Share in the comments below. 

Content Source:

Business insider