Bored At Work? Here's How You Can Shake It Up!

Feeling a little bored at work? Here are 4 ways to shake it up! 

  1. Redecorate Your WorkSpace 

Tiny cubicle? Not a problem, add some energy to your space with a mini office make over. Clean out the clutter, tidy it up and add pictures with quotes you find inspiring or travel destinations, and goals! 

  1. Coffee Chat? Networking?

The more you know the more confident you are, and the better you will be at figuring out ways you can make difference in your organization. So, a few times a week have coffee with a coworker you don’t know as well and find out more about the company. 

Knowledge is power. 

  1. Volunteer!! 

You heard us, raise your hand. Volunteer to lead a new project. Think of this as a great way to learn new skills as well as get you noticed by management! 

  1. Lead A Lunch and Learn! 

If you have a skill you could share with others, organize a brown bag lunch season to provide training. Survey your coworkers and see what would be most beneficial, once you have your topic... Bring your lunches to a conference room and use the hour to teach others to be successful in your topic of choice. Then allow others to share their topics at the next lunch and learn!