Hiring Tips For Small Businesses

We know as a small business it can be extremely hard to hire staff, especially because you are short on time, staff and possibly budget. These 5 tips help streamline the process for bringing on a new team member. 

1. Head to the right pond to fish 

Ask yourself, where would be candidate for your company hang out virtually or physically. A great place to start is meetups, and conferences. As boring as that might sound its a great way to meet talent in your industry.

2. Be CLEAR about the role 

Remember when searching for a job online people search for jobs based on keywords, and industries. You want to be descriptive, and broad, clear and concise. 

Within the listing, write out all the day to day tasks, and how the roll will fit into the overall company. 

For more information on this check out our recent blog on, Being clear about the role you are hiring for

3. Remember to impress the Candidate 

I get it, we all think it’s the candidates job to impress you. How ever recruitment is a two way street. Odds are, your company isn’t the only one the candidate has his or her eye on, so step it up and prove that your the best fit for them also. 

4. Test Drive!!! 

It’s expensive as a small business or any business to hire someone, but its even more expensive to replace them. So before you commit. it might be worth it for both you and the candidate to take a little test drive and explore the waters with a short term contract. 

5. Onboard! 

Remember it doesn’t stop once the contract is signed. Retention is a huge piece, and you need to  work hard to make sure new team members are introduced to your culture on day one.

Make them feel a part of the team and ensure a smooth transition from candidate to employee. A fun idea is to have the candidate fill out a questionnaire thats circulated around the office before the new hires’ first day to help everyone get to know them. 

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