The Outlook Remains Positive, When It Comes To Alberta Economy!

We are back, well almost! The latest article in the local Calgary newspaper shares high hopes, Calgary's economy is expected to lead the country in the next 5 years. 2018, may slow down a little with the growth estimated to be 2.5% over the 6.9% last year. However, the good news is it's growing. While we may not see the downtown office space, fill up quickly, we will see some consistency on the job front - which we haven't in a while. The unemployment rate is set to stay above the national average for the next 5 years, at least.

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2017 was a good year for jobs in Alberta, as we started to recover from the recession the countries unemployment rate fell to the lowest in Canada in 40 years, producing jobs at the fastest rate since 2002.

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Use a recruiter! 

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Tuesday, August 1st was a good day for Alberta!

Over the last couple years our economy has been hit hard, with job losses and employment rates constantly going up, prior to 2017 , it seems we are now starting to see some positive news surrounding the once dreary state of the Alberta economy. Albertan’s rejoice, it’s uplifting to see a positive spin, on the downhill crash of the past two years.