4 Tips On Attracting The Best Talent

You are ready to hire. You have a vision of the ideal candidate and how they will fit into that role and future within the company. Here are four simple steps for firms to follow that will help with their attraction of new talent into their business! 

Use a recruiter! 

Searching For A Job? Here Are 4 Things To Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile

You have about 10 seconds to catch a recruiter’s attention, do not waste time using meaningless filler words.

Tuesday, August 1st was a good day for Alberta!

Over the last couple years our economy has been hit hard, with job losses and employment rates constantly going up, prior to 2017 , it seems we are now starting to see some positive news surrounding the once dreary state of the Alberta economy. Albertan’s rejoice, it’s uplifting to see a positive spin, on the downhill crash of the past two years. 

You've Hired The Perfect Employee, Now What?!

You’ve done it, you have hired what you deem to be the perfect fit for your company. How exciting. So, now it’s time to prepare for their smooth transition into the office, and career with in the company with our new employee checklist! 

Pre-offer Acceptance: 

The Do's And Don'ts Of Salary Negotiation!

This is a normal step in a job offer process. It’s so normal, that when you don’t negotiate there is a high chance you are leaving money on the table.. and no one wants to do that. However, you do not want to negotiate poorly, there is a fine line between positive and negative negotiating skills.